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Super Abrasive Products Guide

Super Abrasive Products Guide

Super Abrasive Product, Inc. manufactures a large variety of Super Abrasive products in different bond systems like resin bond, vitrified bond, metal bond, and hybrid bond. These products are widely used for grinding tungsten carbide, ceramic, glass, quartz, ferrous metal, natural diamond, PCD & PCBN, and other hard-to-grind materials.

Diamond or CBN type also becomes a factor when choosing the correct product for a given brittle and metal coatings. Different cores and backings such as cast aluminum, molded aluminum, copper, steel, and abrasive are also used.

We are best able to determine which combination fits your application. The following catalog describes the standard and custom-made products normally used in various industries today

What Are Super Abrasive Products?

Super Abrasive Products are used when you work with certain materials that aren’t qualified for regular abrasive tools. Superabrasives products are utiluzed for precision grinding and they’re used within multiple industries. The products are usually in the form of grinding wheels or a tool that emends errors. 

There are numerous reasons as to why one would use super abrasive products such as shaping jewlery like diamonds, edging architectural glass, shaping automobile engine components, and even sharpening woodworking tools. 

Types of Super Abrasive Products

Diamond Grinding Wheels

A diamond is the hardest substance in the universe, and the only superabrasive material capable of effectively grinding, cutting and shaping ceramics, cemented carbides, and ferrites. 

Today, diamond grinding wheels are crafted with artificial composites blended with artificial aggregates. Before our generations have evolved, grinding wheels began being used with natural composite stones such as ones used for millstones.

In comparison to other grinding wheels, Diamond grinding wheels are relatively new. They were first manufactured after the discovery of synthetic materials. Diamond grinding wheels are made of synthetic diamonds, therefore they are incredibly durable. 

CBN Grinding Wheels

Cubic boron nitride grinding wheels are usually used for jobs that require major focus and attention to detail. CBN grinding wheels are a high-quality tool that will help produce a beautiful, well-crafted product. Compared to diamond, CBN exhibits high thermal power, anti-wearing ability, and chemical inertness with ferrous metals. It offers unique advantages for grinding hard and tenacious steel, with a wear resistance 30-40 times higher than conventional abrasives.

CBN wheels are an important option for grinding tool operators. For some projects, diamond is discovered to not be ideally suitable for certain projects that require grinding on high-speed dry wheels. Using cubic boron nitride wheels can offer you the usefulness you need while finished your final product.

Superabrasives Bond System

Resin Bond

A thermoset phenolic or higher temperature polyimide bond. Resin bond is readily formed and trued. It’s free-cuting and offers very good surface quality. It has little flexibility, is extremely tough, has good impact resistance, and poor thermal resistance.

Vitrified Bond

Made of clay or porcelain, sometimes called ceramic bond. Freer cutting than metal bond with excellent heat resistance. Can be trued more readily than metal bond and is structurly very stable. More durable than resin bond.

Metal Bond

Bronze, iron, or steel with fillers to generate free cutting action. Good shape-holding resistance, and high bond toughness for good wear resistance. It has excellent durability and is normally used for grinding materials that are highly abrasive. It is not as easily trued or sharped as resin bond.

Hybrid Bond

Sintered alloy and resin-based bond system with both the sharp ability of resin bond and the high strength and rigidity of metal bond. Often used for creep fed grinding like fluting drills, end mill, and reamers such as CNC cutting tools, it’s more easily-trued and sharped than a metal bond, but more durable than with resin.

Who Uses Superabrasives?

Many industries across the world have taken advantage of Superabrasive products to improve their product’s design. Luckily, the usage continues to grow tremendously. Industries such as:

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Jewelery 
  • Electronics
  • Oil

These industries have found that using super abrasive materials including grinding wheels, have enhanced their company’s product in the market.

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